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Got to know Mr Boleh from a friend of mine. He just sold and buy a house with him with a flat fee.

At first i dont really believe him cause there is no way that any agent would take a flat fee instead of some percentage of the house. After getting to know Mr Boleh then i realised the flat fee is for real.

I still remember the first msg i sent to Mr Boleh was in the middle of the night asking him for help as me and my wife wants that specific house. I didnt really expect Mr Boleh to reply as it was way past 12 midnight. But guess what? He did reply!

He advised me and guide me of what documents were needed to make that purchase of the house. Bear in mind we didnt even get to know each other that day. He keep on advising me what to do next. But unfortunately we didnt get to buy that house. So after this, was when we really get to know each other through zoom. Just to let u know he dont usually entertain customer without zoom meeting at first. But he went the extra mile to help me and my wife without even having a zoom meeting.

So after weeks of searching and doing some homework on our house, this particular house caught our eyes. Me and my wife decided to let Mr Boleh know and to proceed with the offered price. And yes we got the house!

Thanks to Mr Boleh and team for making it our house now. He was so calm through out the process with us from the very beginning i started msging him till now.

He has a sense of humour for those of u who didnt know. Overall Mr Boleh is a really really nice guy. Very helpful very calm. Knows what he is doing. Will check on u once in awhile.

Would definitely recommend him to others!!

Yours sincerely,

Nazree & Nurul

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